PDF Files of Selected Books (Tables of Contents and Prefaces)

Race and Evolution: The Causes and Consequences of Race Differences (2022)

Religious Evolution and the Axial Age (2018)

Human Nature and the Evolution of Society (2014)

The Evolution of Human Sociality: A Darwinian Conflict Perspective (2001)

Evolutionism and Its Critics (2007)

Studying Societies and Cultures: Marvin Harris's Cultural Materialism and Its Legacy (with L. Kuznar) (2007)

World Societies: The Evolution of Human Social Life(with A. Alderson) (2005)

Social Evolutionism: A Critical History (1990)

Social Transformations: A General Theory of Historical Development (1995)

Modern Societies: A Comparative Perspective (2014)

Concise Encyclopedia of Comparative Sociology

(Sasaki, Goldstone, Zimmerman, and Sanderson, eds) (2014)

Rethinking Sociological Theory (2012)

Revolutions: A Worldwide Introduction to Social and Political Contention (2nd ed. 2010; first ed. 2005)

R. Collins, with Sanderson, Conflict Sociology: A Sociological Classic Updated (2009)


PDF Files of Selected Articles


"The Evolutionary Forms of the Religious Life" (with W. Roberts) (American Anthropologist, 2008)

Reply to Critique of Westermarck and the Kibbutzim

(with A. Maryanski and R. Russell, American Journal of Sociology, 2012)

"Prolegomenon to the Theoretical Unification of the Social Sciences" (Sociologica 2008)

"Adaptation, Evolution, and Religion" (Religion, 2008)

Debates (Sanderson and others) with David Sloan Wilson on Group Selection (Cliodynamics, 2013)

"Militarist, Marxian, and Non-Marxian Materialist Theories of Gender Inequality: A Cross-Cultural Test" (with J. Dubrow) (Social Forces, 2005)

"Explaining Monogamy and Polygyny in Human Societies" (Social Forces, 2001)

"The Incest Taboo: Biological Evolution, Cultural Evolution, or Coevolution?"  (Review essay, Evolution and Sociology Newsletter, 2005)

"Evolutionary Materialism: A Theoretical Strategy for the Study of Social Evolution" (Sociological Perspectives, 1994)

"Racial Antagonism and the Origins of Apartheid in the South African Gold Mining Industry, 1886-1924: A Split Labor Market Analysis"  (with S. Ndabezitha) (Research in Race and Ethnic Relations, 1988)

"The Japanese Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism" (Fernand Braudel Center Review, 1994)

"Religion and Economic Development: An Idea Whose Time Has Gone?"  (Institute of Social Sciences, Chuo University, Japan, 2010)

"Testing the Protestant Ethic Thesis with Quantitative Historical Data" (with K. Proctor) (Social Forces, 2011)

"World-Systems Analysis After Thirty Years" (International Journal of Comparative Sociology, 2005)


PDF Files of Selected Book Chapters

"Edward Westermarck: The First Sociobiologist"

(Oxford Handbook of Evolution, Biology, and Society, 2018)

"From Paganism to World Transcendence: Religious Attachment Theory and the Evolution of the World Religions"

(Oxford Handbook of Evolution, Biology, and Society, 2018)

"Darwinian Conflict Theory: A Unified Evolutionary Research Program." (Handbook on Evolution and Society, 2015)

"Family Systems in Comparative Perspective"

(Concise Encyclopedia of Comparative Sociology, 2014)

"Marvin Harris, Meet Charles Darwin" (Ch. 10 of Studying Societies and Cultures, 2007)

"Science, Proof, and Law" (Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology, 2007)

"Social Change" (Handbook of 21st-Century Sociology, 2007)


In June of 2006 a conference devoted largely to my book The Evolution of Human Sociality was held at the University of Innsbruck in Austria. The papers from that conference have been published by Paradigm Publishers in a volume entitled The New Evolutionary Social Science: Human Nature, Social Behavior, and Social Change, edited by Heinz-Juergen Niedenzu, Tamas Meleghy, and Peter Meyer. A table of contents for the volume appears below, along with the introductory and concluding chapters that I wrote.

The New Evolutionary Social Science (Table of Contents and Introduction) (2008)

"The Impact of Darwinism on Sociology" (chap. 1 of The New Evolutionary Social Science)

"Darwinian Conflict Theory and Evolutionary Sociology" (chap. 17 of The New Evolutionary Social Science)

"Darwinian Conflict Theory and Evolutionary Sociology" (Longer version of chap. 17 of The New Evolutionary Social Science)